Our History

Apex Xpress, formerly known as Apex Trucking, started as a 1 man Operation for the McGraw Hill Book Company in 1934 by James Cerchione off of borrowed money from his aunt. He stayed with the Company until 1966 until he died. Upon his death, the company was run by his 2 sons, Bob and Ray, Bob being the President until his passing in 2008, and Ray taking over as CEO and Bob’s son Bobby taking over as President. Since the inception of the Company in 1934, Apex has slowly grown by providing excellent dependable service to all of its customers. We have earned the reputation as a flexible company willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done correctly for the benefit of our customers with an open mind to change with the times by not just providing trucking services, but moving on to provide custom assembly, rigging, and Installation services as well at the request of our customers.